Instance Method


Disables the flush() method for the window.


func disableFlushing()


If the window is buffered, disabling flush() prevents drawing from being automatically flushed by the NSView display... methods from the window’s backing store to the screen. This method permits several views to be drawn before the results are shown to the user.

Flushing should be disabled only temporarily, while the window’s display is being updated. Each disableFlushWindow message must be paired with a subsequent enableFlushing() message. Invocations of these methods can be nested; flushing isn’t reenabled until the last enableFlushing() message is sent.

See Also

Managing Window Buffers

var isFlushWindowDisabled: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the window’s flushing ability is disabled.

func enableFlushing()

Reenables the flush() method for the window after it was disabled through a previous disableFlushing() message.

func flush()

Flushes the window’s offscreen buffer to the screen if the window is buffered and flushing is enabled.

func flushIfNeeded()

Flushes the window’s offscreen buffer to the screen if flushing is enabled and if the last flush() message had no effect because flushing was disabled.