Instance Property


The window’s first responder.


@property(readonly, weak) NSResponder *firstResponder;


The first responder is usually the first object in a responder chain to receive an event or action message. In most cases, the first responder is a view object that the user selects or activates with the mouse or keyboard.

You can use the firstResponder property in custom subclasses of responder classes (NSWindow, NSApplication, NSView, and subclasses) to determine if an instance of the subclass is currently the first responder. You can also use it to help locate a text field that currently has first-responder status. For more on this subject, see Event Handling Basics. This property is key-value observing compliant.

See Also

Managing Responders


The view that’s made first responder (also called the key view) the first time the window is placed onscreen.

- makeFirstResponder:

Attempts to make a given responder the first responder for the window.