Instance Method


Searches for an object that responds to a Services request.


- (id)validRequestorForSendType:(NSPasteboardType)sendType returnType:(NSPasteboardType)returnType;



The input type of the Services request.


The return type of the Services request.

Return Value

The object that responds to the services request; nil when none is found.


Messages to perform this method are initiated by the Services menu. It’s part of the mechanism that passes validRequestorForSendType:returnType: messages up the responder chain.

This method works by forwarding the message to the window’s delegate if it responds (and provided it isn’t an NSResponder object with its own next responder). If the delegate doesn’t respond to the message or returns nil when sent it, this method forwards the message to the NSApplication object. If the NSApplication object returns nil, this method also returns nil. Otherwise this method returns the object returned by the delegate or the NSApplication object.

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