Instance Property


The title displayed in the window’s minimized window.


@property(copy) NSString *miniwindowTitle;


A minimized window’s title usually reflects that of its full-size counterpart, abbreviated to fit if necessary. Although this property allows you to set the minimized window’s title explicitly, changing the full-size NSWindow object’s title (through title or setTitleWithRepresentedFilename:) automatically changes the minimized window’s title as well.

See Also

Minimizing Windows


A Boolean value that indicates whether the window is minimized.

- performMiniaturize:

Simulates the user clicking the minimize button by momentarily highlighting the button, then minimizing the window.

- miniaturize:

Removes the window from the screen list and displays the minimized window in the Dock.

- deminiaturize:

De-minimizes the window.


The custom miniaturized window image of the window.