Instance Property


A Boolean value that indicates whether the window can be dragged by clicking in its title bar or background.


@property(getter=isMovable) BOOL movable;


The value of this property is YES if the window can be moved by the user; otherwise, NO.

When a window’s movable property is NO, the value of the movableByWindowBackground property is ignored. When the value of movable is NO, the window can only be dragged between spaces in F8 mode, and its relative screen position is always preserved. Note that a resizable window may still be resized, and the window frame may be changed programmatically. A nonmovable window will not be moved or resized by the system in response to a display reconfiguration. Applications may choose to enable application-controlled window dragging after disabling user-initiating dragging by handling the mouseDown:/mouseDragged:/mouseUp: sequence in sendEvent: in an NSWindow subclass.

See Also

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A Boolean value that indicates whether the window is movable by clicking and dragging anywhere in its background.

- center

Sets the window’s location to the center of the screen.