Type Method


Returns the content rectangle used by a window with a given frame rectangle and window style.


class func contentRect(forFrameRect fRect: NSRect, styleMask style: NSWindow.StyleMask) -> NSRect



The frame rectangle for the window expressed in screen coordinates.


The window style for the window. See NSWindow.StyleMask for a list of style mask values.

Return Value

The content rectangle, expressed in screen coordinates, used by the window with fRect and style.


When a NSWindow instance is available, you should use contentRect(forFrameRect:) instead of this method.

See Also

Getting Layout Information

class func frameRect(forContentRect: NSRect, styleMask: NSWindow.StyleMask) -> NSRect

Returns the frame rectangle used by a window with a given content rectangle and window style.

class func minFrameWidth(withTitle: String, styleMask: NSWindow.StyleMask) -> CGFloat

Returns the minimum width a window’s frame rectangle must have for it to display a title, with a given window style.

func contentRect(forFrameRect: NSRect) -> NSRect

Returns the window’s content rectangle with a given frame rectangle.

func frameRect(forContentRect: NSRect) -> NSRect

Returns the window’s frame rectangle with a given content rectangle.