Instance Method


Marks as invalid the cursor rectangles of a given NSView object in the window’s view hierarchy, so they’ll be set up again when the window becomes key (or immediately if the window is key).


func invalidateCursorRects(for view: NSView)



The view in the window’s view hierarchy.

See Also

Managing Cursor Rectangles

var areCursorRectsEnabled: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the window’s cursor rectangles are enabled.

func enableCursorRects()

Reenables cursor rectangle management within the window after a disableCursorRects() message.

func disableCursorRects()

Disables all cursor rectangle management within the window.

func discardCursorRects()

Invalidates all cursor rectangles in the window.

func resetCursorRects()

Clears the window’s cursor rectangles and the cursor rectangles of the NSView objects in its view hierarchy.