Instance Property


The depth limit of the window.


@property NSWindowDepth depthLimit;


The value of this property can be examined with the Application Kit functions NSPlanarFromDepth, NSColorSpaceFromDepth, NSBitsPerSampleFromDepth, and NSBitsPerPixelFromDepth. In addition, the NSBestDepth function provides the best depth limit based on a set of parameters.

Setting this property to 0 sets the depth limit to the window’s default depth limit. A depth limit of 0 can be useful for reverting a window object to its initial depth. You can also use one of the explicit bit depths defined in Explicit Window Depth Limits (NSWindowDepthTwentyfourBitRGB is the default).

See Also

Accessing Window Information


Returns the default depth limit for instances of NSWindow.


The window number of the window’s window device.

+ windowNumbersWithOptions:

Returns the window numbers for all visible windows satisfying the specified options.


A dictionary containing information about the window’s resolution, such as color, depth, and so on.


These constants are the keys for device description dictionaries used by deviceDescription.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the window can be displayed at the login window.


A Boolean value that indicates the level of access other processes have to the window’s content.


The window’s backing store type.


A Boolean value that indicates whether the window’s depth limit can change to match the depth of the screen it’s on.