Instance Property


The main content view controller for the window.


var contentViewController: NSViewController? { get set }


The value of this property provides the content view of the window. Setting this value removes the existing value of contentView and makes the contentViewController.view the main content view for the window. By default, the value of this property is nil.

The content view controller controls only the contentView object, and not the title of the window. The window title can easily be bound to the contentViewController object using code such as: [window bind:NSTitleBinding toObject:contentViewController withKeyPath:@"title" options:nil]. Setting contentViewController causes the window to resize based on the current size of the contentViewController; to restrict the size of the window, use Auto Layout (note that the value of this property is encoded in the NIB). Directly assigning a contentView value clears out the root view controller.

See Also

Configuring the Window's Content

var contentView: NSView?

The window’s content view, the highest accessible NSView object in the window’s view hierarchy.