Instance Method


Returns the presentation options the window uses when transitioning to full-screen mode.


optional func window(_ window: NSWindow, willUseFullScreenPresentationOptions proposedOptions: NSApplication.PresentationOptions = []) -> NSApplication.PresentationOptions



The window to enter to full-screen mode.


The proposed options. See NSApplication.PresentationOptions for the possible values.

Return Value

The options the window should use when transitioning to full-screen mode. These may be the same as the proposedOptions or may be modified.

See Also

Managing Full-Screen Presentation

func window(NSWindow, willUseFullScreenContentSize: NSSize) -> NSSize

Called to allow the delegate to modify the full-screen content size.

func windowWillEnterFullScreen(Notification)

The window is about to enter full-screen mode.

func windowDidEnterFullScreen(Notification)

The window has entered full-screen mode.

func windowWillExitFullScreen(Notification)

The window is about to exit full-screen mode.

func windowDidExitFullScreen(Notification)

The window has left full-screen mode.