A tab associated with a window that is part of a tabbing group.


class NSWindowTab : NSObject


NSWindowTab describes the way a window displays as part of a tabbed window group. The properties of NSWindowTab are configurable at any time, but only take effect when the associated NSWindow displays in a tab.

AppKit automatically creates an instance of NSWindowTab for each NSWindow. You can access a window’s tab object using the tab property.


Customizing the Title

var title: String!

The title for the window tab.

var attributedTitle: NSAttributedString?

The title for the window tab, specified as an attributed string.

Customizing the Tooltip

var toolTip: String!

The tooltip for this window tab.

Adding an Accessory View

var accessoryView: NSView?

An optional accessory view for the tab.


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See Also


class NSWindow

A window that an app displays on the screen.

class NSPanel

A special kind of window that typically performs a function that is auxiliary to the main window.

protocol NSWindowDelegate

A set of optional methods that a delegate of NSWindow can implement to respond to events, such as window resizing, moving, exposing, and minimizing.

class NSWindowTabGroup

A group of windows that display together as a single tabbed window.