Instance Method


Opens a file using the default app for its type and animates the action using a custom icon.


func openFile(_ fullPath: String, from image: NSImage?, at point: NSPoint, in view: NSView?) -> Bool



The full path to the file.


The icon for the file.


The point in aView at which to display the icon.


The view in which to display the icon.

Return Value

true if the file was successfully opened; otherwise, false.


Use of this method is discouraged. The method currently provides the same behavior as the openFile(_:) method.The Finder provides an animation before opening the file to give the user feedback that the file is to be opened. To provide this animation, anImage should contain an icon for the file, and its image should be displayed at point, specified in the coordinates of aView.

The sending app is deactivated before the request is sent.

It is safe to call this method from any thread in your app in macOS 10.6 and later.