Instance Method


Launches the app at the specified URL.


- (NSRunningApplication *)launchApplicationAtURL:(NSURL *)url options:(NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions)options configuration:(NSDictionary<NSWorkspaceLaunchConfigurationKey, id> *)configuration error:(NSError * _Nullable *)error;



The application URL.


Options to use when launching the application. See NSWorkspaceLaunchOptions for possible values.


A dictionary containing the configuration options. This dictionary can be used to pass additional options to the app. Possible key-value pairs are described in Workspace Launch Configuration Options. The configuration dictionary may be empty, in which case default behavior applies.


Returns, by-reference, the error if the application was unable to be launched. You may specify nil for this parameter if you do not want the error information.

Return Value

If the app is already running, and NSWorkspaceLaunchNewInstance is not specified in the options dictionary, then a reference to the existing app is returned; otherwise a new application reference is returned. If the application could not be launched, nil is returned and the error is specified in error.


It is safe to call this method from any thread in your app in macOS 10.6 and later.

See Also

Manipulating Applications

- launchApplication:

Launches the specified app.

- launchApplication:showIcon:autolaunch:

Launches the specified app using additional options.

- hideOtherApplications

Hides all applications other than the sender.


The following keys can be used in the configuration dictionary of the launchApplicationAtURL:options:configuration:error: method. Each key is optional, and if omitted, default behavior is applied.