Instance Method


Returns the full pathnames of all currently mounted removable disks.


func mountedRemovableMedia() -> [Any]?

Return Value

An array of NSString objects, each of which contains the full pathname of a mounted removable disk.


If the computer provides an interrupt or other notification when the user inserts a disk into a drive, the Finder will mount the disk immediately. However, if no notification is given, the Finder won’t be aware that a disk needs to be mounted. On such systems, an app should invoke either mountNewRemovableMedia or checkForRemovableMedia before invoking mountedRemovableMedia(). Either of these methods cause the Finder to poll the drives to see if a disk is present. If a disk has been inserted but not yet mounted, these methods will cause the Finder to mount it.

The Disk button in an Open or Save panel invokes mountedRemovableMedia() and mountNewRemovableMedia as part of its operation, so most apps won’t need to invoke these methods directly.

See Also


func mountedLocalVolumePaths() -> [Any]?

Returns the mount points of all local volumes, not just the removable ones returned by mountedRemovableMedia().

func activeApplication() -> [AnyHashable : Any]?

Returns a dictionary with information about the current active app.

NSWorkspaceApplicationKey User Info Key

This constant is supplied in the userInfo dictionary of various notifications.