Touch Bar

Display interactive content and controls in the Touch Bar.


First Steps

Integrating a Toolbar and Touch Bar into Your App

Build a toolbar in your app’s window, with a corresponding Touch Bar, for quick access to app features.

Creating and Customizing the Touch Bar

Use and customize your app’s Touch Bar for macOS.


An object that provides dynamic contextual controls in the Touch Bar of supported models of MacBook Pro.


A protocol that allows you to provide the items for a bar dynamically.


A protocol that an object adopts to create a bar object in your app.

Touch Bar Items


A UI control shown in the Touch Bar on supported models of MacBook Pro.


A bar item that, along with its delegate, provides a list of textual suggestions for the current text view.


A bar item that provides a system-defined color picker.


A bar item that contains a responder of your choice, such as a view, a button, or a scrubber (an instance of the NSScrubber class).


A bar item that provides a bar to contain other items.


A bar item that provides a two-state control that can expand into its second state, showing the contents of a bar that it owns.


A bar item that, along with its delegate, provides a list of objects eligible for sharing.


A bar item that provides a slider control for choosing a value in a range.


An object that specifies how user interface elements resize themselves when space is constrained.



A customizable item picker control for the Touch Bar.


A set of methods that a scrubber data source object implements to provide items to the scrubber from an associated data collection in your app.


A set of methods that a scrubber delegate implements to respond to user interactions.

Scrubber Items


An item at a specific index position in the scrubber.


An abstract base class for the views whose layout is managed by a scrubber.


A concrete view subclass for displaying images in a scrubber items.


An abstract class that provides decorative accessory views for selected and highlighted items within a scrubber control.


An abstract base class for specifying the appearance of a highlighted or selected item in a scrubber.


A concrete view subclass for displaying text for an item in a scrubber.

Scrubber Layouts


A concrete layout object that arranges items end-to-end in a linear strip.


A protocol that a scrubber delegate can adopt to provide the size of an item.


A concrete layout object that sizes each item to some fraction of the scrubber's visible size.


The layout of a scrubber item.


An abstract class that describes the layout of items within a scrubber control.

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