A set of methods that controllers and UI elements can implement to manage editing.


The NSEditor informal protocol provides a means for requesting that the receiver commit or discard any pending edits.

These methods are typically invoked on user interface elements by a controller. They can also be sent to a controller in response to a user’s attempt to save a document or quit an application.

NSController provides an implementation of this protocol, as do the AppKit user interface elements that support binding.


Managing Editing

- discardEditing

Causes the receiver to discard any changes, restoring the previous values.

- commitEditing

Returns whether the receiver was able to commit any pending edits.

- commitEditingAndReturnError:

Attempt to commit pending edits, returning an error in the case of failure.

- commitEditingWithDelegate:didCommitSelector:contextInfo:

Attempt to commit any currently edited results of the receiver.


See Also

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A set of methods that controllers can implement to enable an editor view to inform the controller when it has uncommitted changes.