Collection View

Display one or more subviews in a highly configurable arrangement.



class NSCollectionView

An ordered collection of data items displayed in a customizable layout.

protocol NSCollectionViewSectionHeaderView

A protocol that defines a button to control the collapse of a collection view’s section.


protocol NSCollectionViewDataSource

A set of methods that a data source object implements to provide the information and view objects that a collection view requires to present content.

protocol NSCollectionViewDelegate

A set of methods that you use to manage the behavior of a collection view.


class NSCollectionViewItem

The visual representation for a single data element in a collection view.

protocol NSCollectionViewElement

A set of methods that you use to manage the content in a collection view.


Using Collection View Compositional Layouts and Diffable Data Sources

Learn how to bring complex, high-performance layouts to your app, and simplify updating and managing your UI.

class NSCollectionViewFlowLayout

A layout that organizes items into a flexible and configurable arrangement.

protocol NSCollectionViewDelegateFlowLayout

A set of methods that a delegate implements to provide layout information to a flow layout object in a collection view.

class NSCollectionViewGridLayout

A layout that displays a single section of items in a row and column grid.

class NSCollectionViewTransitionLayout

An object that implements custom behaviors when changing from one layout to another in a collection view.

class NSCollectionViewLayoutAttributes

An object that contains layout-related attributes for an element in a collection view.

class NSCollectionViewLayout

An abstract base class that you subclass and use to generate layout information for a collection view.


class NSCollectionViewUpdateItem

A description of a single change to make to an item in a collection view.

class NSCollectionViewLayoutInvalidationContext

An object that identifies the portions of your layout that need to be updated.

class NSCollectionViewFlowLayoutInvalidationContext

An object that identifies the portions of a flow layout object that need to be updated.

See Also

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