Grid View

Arrange views in a flexible grid, and handle the layout associated with those views.



class NSGridView

A container that aligns views in a flexible grid of rows and columns.


class NSGridCell

An individual content area within a grid view, typically at the intersection of a row and a column.

Rows and Columns

class NSGridColumn

A column within a grid view.

class NSGridRow

A row within a grid view.

See Also

Container Views

class NSSplitView

A view that arranges two or more views in a linear stack running horizontally or vertically.

Organize Your User Interface with a Stack View

Group individual views in your app’s user interface into a scrollable stack view.

class NSStackView

A view that arranges an array of views horizontally or vertically and updates their placement and sizing when the window size changes.

class NSTabView

A multipage interface that displays one page at a time.

Scroll View

Provide an interface for navigating content that is too large to fit in the available space.