Table View

Display custom data in rows and columns.



class NSTableView

A set of related records, displayed in rows that represent individual records and columns that represent the attributes of those records.

class NSTableCellView

A reusable container view shown for a particular cell in a table view that uses rows for content.


protocol NSTableViewDataSource

A set of methods that a table view uses to provide data to a table view and to allow the editing of the table view's data source object.

protocol NSTableViewDelegate

A set of optional methods you implement in a table view delegate to customize the behavior of the table view.

Rows and Columns

class NSTableHeaderView

An object that draws headers over a table view's columns and handles mouse events in those headers.

class NSTableHeaderCell

An object that a table header view uses to draw the content of the column headers.

class NSTableRowView

The view shown for a row in a table view.

class NSTableColumn

The display characteristics and identifier for a column in a table view.

class NSTableViewRowAction

A single action to present when the user swipes horizontally on a table row.

See Also

Content Views

Browser View

Provide a column-based interface for viewing and navigating hierarchical information.

Collection View

Display one or more subviews in a highly configurable arrangement.

Outline View

Display a list-based interface for hierarchical data, where each level of hierarchy is indented from the previous one.

class NSTextView

A view that draws text and handles user interactions with that text.

class NSOpenGLView

A view that displays OpenGL content in a view.