Windows, Panels, and Screens

Organize your view hierarchies and facilitate their display onscreen.



class NSWindow

A window that an app displays on the screen.

class NSPanel

A special kind of window that typically performs a function that is auxiliary to the main window.

protocol NSWindowDelegate

A set of optional methods that a delegate of NSWindow can implement to respond to events, such as window resizing, moving, exposing, and minimizing.

class NSWindowTab

A tab associated with a window that is part of a tabbing group.

class NSWindowTabGroup

A group of windows that display together as a single tabbed window.

Window Restoration

protocol NSWindowRestoration

A set of methods that restoration classes must implement to handle the recreation of windows.

protocol NSUserInterfaceItemIdentification

A set of methods used to associate a unique identifier with objects in your user interface.


class NSScreen

An object that describes the attributes of a computer’s monitor or screen.


class NSPopover

A means to display additional content related to existing content on the screen.

protocol NSPopoverDelegate

A set of optional methods that a popover delegate can implement to provide additional or custom functionality.


class NSAlert

A modal dialog or sheet attached to a document window.

protocol NSAlertDelegate

A set of optional methods implemented by the delegate of an NSAlert object to respond to a user's request for help.

Open and Save Panels

class NSOpenPanel

A panel that prompts the user to select a file to open.

class NSSavePanel

A panel that prompts the user for information about where to save a file.

protocol NSOpenSavePanelDelegate

A set of methods for managing interactions with an open or save panel.

Print and PDF Panels

class NSPDFPanel

A Save or Export as PDF panel that’s consistent with the macOS user interface.

protocol NSPrintPanelAccessorizing

A set of methods that a print panel object can use to get information from a printing accessory controller.

Color Panels

class NSColorPanel

A standard user interface for selecting color in an app.

protocol NSColorPickingCustom

A set of methods that provides a way to add color pickers—custom user interfaces for color selection—to an app’s color panel.

protocol NSColorPickingDefault

A set of methods that provides basic behavior for a color picker.

class NSColorPicker

An abstract superclass that implements the NSColorPickingDefault protocol.

Font Panels

class NSFontPanel

The Font panel—a user interface object that displays a list of available fonts, letting the user preview them and change the font used to display text.


A set of methods you use to tell the Font panel to display some or all of its elements.

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