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Apple News

Create and manage articles and publish them to your channel in News.


News is an iOS app that delivers articles from newspapers, magazines, websites, and other sources. As an Apple News publisher, you can use Apple News Format and the Apple News APIs to create and publish richly designed content that is formatted especially for iPhone and iPad.


First Steps

Getting Started as a News Publisher

Register as a News publisher, enter your channel information, and perform other setup steps.

Choosing How to Create and Publish Articles

Decide whether to create and publish articles using Apple News Format and your content management system (CMS), or create and publish articles in News Publisher.

Getting Your Content Approved

Submit three sample articles to Apple for approval.

Design and Create

Understanding the Workflow for Creating an Article

View the workflow for creating articles in Apple News Format.

Apple News Format

Create signature content for Apple News and understand the capabilities of Apple News Format.

What’s New in Apple News Format

Check out new features and enhancements.

Apple News Format Tutorials

Create a basic article and then add advanced design features.

Publish and Manage

Apple News API

Use the Apple News API to publish and manage Apple News Format articles.