Apple News Format

Get Apple News Format reference information and create signature content for Apple News.


Apple News Format is a document format that’s expressed in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). When you create an article in Apple News Format, you start by creating a JSON document. In this file, you set the specifications for your layout, add content, and apply customized styles. The article is then processed and rendered in News.

You only have to author once because News automatically optimizes your content for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch to give your readers the best experience for their device.


First Steps

JSON Concepts and Article Structure

Get an overview of JSON and the structure of an article.json file.

Article Basics

Changing the Appearance of Your Article Tile in Feeds

Change the information that News displays about your published article.

object Article Document

The top-level properties for your article.

object Metadata

Information about your article, including author name, creation date, publication date, keywords, and excerpt.

object Linked Article

A relationship between your article and another Apple News article.

object Metadata.Campaign Data

Custom key-value pairs for use in advertisement campaigns.

Article Layout

Planning the Layout for Your Article

Use a column system to define a layout that will support the look you want for your article.

Positioning Components in Your Article Layout

Align article components with columns in your layout.

Wrapping Text Around a Component

Define the layout of a text component to wrap around another component.

object Layout

The columns, gutters, and margins for your article’s designed width.

object Component Layout

The positioning for a specific component within the article’s column system.

object Anchor

An object that anchors one component to another component in your article’s layout.

object Margin

The object that defines the space above and below a component.

object Content Inset

The object that defines the space around the component content on one or more sides.

object Advertising Layout

The object that defines the margin above and below advertising components.

Article Content


Understand the types of components that can make up an article.


Understanding Styles

Learn how to use Apple News Format styles to enhance the text and components in your article.

object Document Style

The object that sets the background color for your article.

Text Styles and Effects

Learn about the different text styles and special text effects that can enhance your article and how to apply them to text and text components.

Component Styles

Learn to use component styles to add borders, set background colors, and apply background images to components and to specify the styling for data tables.

Supported Color Names

See the color names supported in Apple News Format.

type Color

The object that defines colors in Apple News Format.

Dynamic Advertising

Managing Advertisements in Your Article

Set the layout and frequency of advertisements automatically inserted in an article.

object Advertising Settings

The object that defines properties that affect the frequency and placement with which banner advertisements and medium rectangle advertisements are automatically placed in your article.

Featured Stories

Creating Articles for Featured Stories

Create articles with cover art to be considered for the Featured Stories section.

Getting Featured Stories Approved

Submit articles to be considered for the Featured Stories section in the For You feed.

object Cover Art

The object that specifies cover art that is required for an article to be considered for inclusion in the Featured Stories section.

Component Measurements and Media Guidelines

Specifying Measurements for Components

Specify the units of measure to use for margins, minimum heights, and other measurements.

Guidelines for Using Images, Videos, and Audio Files

Get the requirements and recommendations for using images and other media in your article.

type Supported Units

The units of measurement supported by Apple News Format.

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