About Component Animations

Learn how to affect the way in which components come into view.


An animation is an effect, such as a fade-in, that's applied to an individual component. Apple News Format has these animations for components:

An animation is different from a behavior. An animation occurs only once each time the user views the article, while a behavior is persistent and always in effect as long as the user is viewing the article. See About Component Behaviors.

You can apply a combination of animations and behaviors to a chapter or section component by using a scene. See Adding a Scene to a Chapter or a Section Header.

See Also


object ComponentAnimation

Properties shared by all the animations.

object AppearAnimation

The animation whereby a component appears on the screen.

object FadeInAnimation

The animation whereby a component fades into view.

object MoveInAnimation

The animation whereby a component moves in from the side of the screen.

object ScaleFadeAnimation

The animation in which a component scales up and fades into view.