Creating an Article Link

Link to an article by using the article-linking container component.


Use the ArticleLink component to create a link to another Apple News Format article. To create a link, nest child components inside the ArticleLink component. You can use these child components to provide content, styling, and layout, like you do with any other Apple News Format component.

The two special components that can only be used inside an ArticleLink container are ArticleThumbnail and ArticleTitle. These components are used by VoiceOver for iOS and VoiceOver for macOS to make Apple News content more accessible. Apple News automatically populates their content; for example, if you define the ArticleTitle component without explicitly defining the text property, the title of the linked article is used.

See Also

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object Header

The component for defining the top area of an article, chapter, or section.

object Container

Properties shared by all container types.

object Section

The component for organizing an article into sections.

object Chapter

The component for organizing an article into chapters.

object Aside

The component for setting apart content that is not directly related to the article, such as promotional content.

object CollectionDisplay

An object used in any container component type to define how the collection of child components is presented.

object HorizontalStackDisplay

The object for displaying components side by side in a Container component.

object FlexibleSpacer

The component for redistributing empty space inside a horizontal stack collection.

object Divider

The component for defining a horizontal line to visually divide parts of your article.

object ArticleLink

The container component for creating a link to an article.

type SupportedArticleIdentifier

The patterns supported for article identifiers in UUID format.

type PublisherArticleIdentifier

The identifier provided by the publisher.

object ArticleTitle

The component for displaying an article title in the ArticleLink component.

object ArticleThumbnail

The component for displaying a thumbnail image with an article link.

object LinkButton

The component for opening a link in a button.