Text Styles

Learn about text styles and how to apply them to your text and text components.


With Apple News Format, you can determine every detail about the appearance of your text, from fonts to special effects. Here are some of the things you can do with text styles:

  • Choose a font. Choose a font family from more than 60 supported iOS fonts. See Applying Apple News Format Fonts.

  • Define font specifics. Select a font weight (from thin to extra bold), as well as a font size, height, width, and style. You can also set the amount of spacing between characters (called tracking).

  • Add embellishments. Use underlining or other text effects, such as strikethrough and shadow.

  • Align text. Use vertical and horizontal alignments to position your text exactly where you want within the component.

  • Add drop caps. Use a drop cap to emphasize the beginning of an article or chapter.

  • Adjust indentation. Use first-line or hanging indentation on the paragraphs in your article.


Text Styles

Defining and Applying Text Styles

Define and apply custom, default, and inline text styles, or use HTML tags or Markdown syntax to style your text.

Applying Apple News Format Fonts

Choose an iOS font family for your article.

object TextStyle

The object for defining the text style (font family, size, color, and so on) that you can apply to ranges of text.

object ComponentTextStyle

The object for defining the style for a text component, including spacing, alignment, and drop caps.

object DropCapStyle

The object for defining the drop cap text style for use in the first paragraph in a text component.

object ListItemStyle

The object for defining the style for bulleted or numbered lists in an article.

object InlineTextStyle

The object for applying text styling when not using HTML or Markdown formatting.

Text Effects

object TextShadow

The object for creating a text shadow.

object TextShadowOffset

The object for setting an offset value to use with a text shadow.

object TextStrokeStyle

The object for defining the stroke to use for an outline on text.

object TextDecoration

The object for defining color and width for text underline or strikethrough.

See Also


Enhancing Your Articles with Styles

Improve the appearance of the text and components in your article by using Apple News Format styles.

object DocumentStyle

The object for setting the background color for your article.

Component Styles

Learn to use component styles to add borders, set background colors, and apply background images to components and to set the styling for tables.

Supported Color Names

Learn the color names supported in Apple News Format.

type Color

The strings for defining colors in Apple News Format.