Wrapping Text Around a Component

Define the layout of a text component to wrap around another component.


You can wrap the text of one body component around another component by using the targetAnchorPosition property of the Anchor object. For example, you can wrap body text around a pull quote. You can include an Anchor object in a text component to vertically align that component to the position of a text character in a body component. If they also share columns, these components would then overlap. In the case of overlap, the text would automatically wrap around the component that contains the Anchor object.

Consider the following figure:

  • The article has a 7-column layout.

  • A body component starts in column 0 and spans 5 columns.

  • A pullquote component starts in column 4 and spans 3 columns.

  • A pullquote component contains an Anchor object that aligns the pull quote with a character range in the second paragraph of the body component.

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