The root object of an Apple News article, containing required properties, metadata, content, layout, and styles.



An array of components that form the content of this article. Components have different roles and types, such as Photo and Music.


The component text styles that can be referred to by components in this document. Each article.json file must have, at minimum, a default component text style named default. Defaults by component role can also be set. See Defining and Applying Text Styles.


An unique, publisher-provided identifier for this article. This identifier must remain constant; it cannot change when the article is updated.

This identifier can include the following:

  • Up to 64 characters

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Numbers

  • Hyphens

  • Underscores


A code that indicates the language of the article. Use the IANA.org language subtag registry to find the appropriate code; e.g., en for English, or the more specific en-GB for English (U.K.) or en-US for English (U.S.).


The article’s column system. Apple News Format layouts make it possible to recreate print design on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac. Layout information is also used to calculate relative positioning and size for these devices. See Planning the Layout for Your Article.


The article title or headline. Should be plain text; formatted text (HTML or Markdown) is not supported.


The version of Apple News Format used in the JSON document.

The value of the version property must not be earlier than the version number of any property that is used anywhere in the article.

See Apple News Format Version History.


An advertisement to be inserted at a position that is both possible and optimal. You can specify what bannerType you want to have automatically inserted.

Note. This property is deprecated. Use the AdvertisementAutoPlacement object instead.


The metadata, appearance, and placement of advertising and related content components within Apple News Format articles.

The article-level ComponentLayout objects that can be referred to by their key within the ComponentLayouts object. See Positioning the Content in Your Article.

The component styles that can be referred to by components within this document. See Enhancing Your Articles with Styles.


An object containing the background color of the article.


The article's metadata, such as publication date, ad campaign data, and other information that is not part of the core article content.


The article subtitle. Should be plain text; formatted text (HTML or Markdown) is not supported.

The TextStyle objects available to use inline for text in Text components. See Using HTML with Apple News Format, Using Markdown with Apple News Format, and InlineTextStyle.


Every Apple News Format document must have the same filename: article.json. An article.json file must contain the ArticleDocument object. This is the object that is sent in Create an Article and Update an Article requests.

In JSON, the order of properties in an object is not important; however, as you create your JSON document, you may find it useful to follow the order shown in the example that follows.

To view this example in News Preview, copy the example code to a file named article.json and put a file named image.jpg in the same folder. (You can use any JPEG, GIF, or PNG file.)


{ "version": "1.7", "identifier": "SampleArticle", "language": "en", "title": "Apple News App", "subtitle": "A look at the features of the News iOS app", "layout": { "columns": 20, "width": 1024, "margin": 60, "gutter": 20 }, "components": [ { "role": "title", "text": "Apple News App", "textStyle": "title" }, { "role": "body", "text": "The Apple News Format allows publishers to craft beautiful editorial layouts. Galleries, audio, video, and fun interactions like animation make stories spring to life." }, { "role": "photo", "URL": "bundle://image.jpg" } ], "documentStyle": { "backgroundColor": "#F7F7F7" }, "componentTextStyles": { "default": { "fontName": "Helvetica", "fontSize": 13, "linkStyle": { "textColor": "#428bca" } }, "title": { "fontName": "Helvetica-Bold", "fontSize": 30, "hyphenation": false }, "default-body": { "fontName": "Helvetica", "fontSize": 13 } }}



object ArticleDocument.componentLayouts

An object containing component layout objects that components in the article can refer to.

object ArticleDocument.componentStyles

An object containing component style objects that components in the article can refer to.

object ArticleDocument.componentTextStyles

An object containing component text style defaults as well as component text styles that components in the article can use.

object ArticleDocument.textStyles

An object containing text style objects that can be referred to inline in text.

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