An object containing component layout objects that components in the article can refer to.


A component layout, with a name you define that can be referred to by components within this document.


ArticleDocument.componentLayouts is an object containing the component layout objects that components in your article can use. You provide each component layout object as a key-value pair. In each pair, you create a key that’s meaningful to you. The value of each pair is a ComponentLayout object.


{ "title": "Sample Article", "identifier": "sample", "version": "1.8", "language": "en", "layout": { "columns": 20, "width": 1024, "margin": 60, "gutter": 20 }, "documentStyle": { "backgroundColor": "#F7F7F7" }, "components": [ { "role": "body", "format": "html", "layout": "exampleLayout", "text": "<p>There is a moment in every dawn when light floats, there is the possibility of magic.</p>" } ], "componentTextStyles": {}, "textStyles": {}, "componentStyles": {}, "componentLayouts": { "exampleLayout": { "columnStart": 0, "columnSpan": 3, "margin": { "top": 50, "bottom": 50 } } }}