The object for automatically placing components within Apple News Format articles.


The automatic placement of advertisement components. By default, no advertising is automatically inserted.


Use the AutoPlacement object to define the metadata, appearance, and placement of advertising components within Apple News Format articles.


{ "version": "1.9", "identifier": "SampleArticle", "language": "en", "title": "Apple News", "subtitle": "A look at the features of Apple News", "layout": { "columns": 20, "width": 1024, "margin": 60, "gutter": 20 }, "autoplacement": { "advertisement": { "enabled": true, "bannerType": "any", "distanceFromMedia": "10vh", "frequency": 10, "layout": { "margin": 10 } } },}

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object AdvertisementAutoPlacement

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object AdvertisingSettings

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