The object used in image components for displaying captions when the image is full-screen.



The text to display in the caption, including any formatting tags or markup, depending on the format property.


An array of Link objects that provide additional information for ranges of the caption text in the text property.

Additions are ignored when format is set to html or markdown.


The formatting or markup method applied to the text.

If format is set to html or markdown, neither additons nor InlineTextStyles are supported.


An array of InlineTextStyle objects to be applied to ranges of the caption’s text.

InlineTextStyles are ignored when format is set to html or markdown.


An inline ComponentTextStyle object that contains styling information, or a string reference to a component text style object that is defined at the top level of the document.


Use a CaptionDescriptor object to provide a caption or attribution for an image that’s displayed full screen. You can use a caption descriptor with a Figure, Portrait, or Photo component, and also with the individual items in a Gallery or Mosaic component.

This object can be used in Figure, Portrait, Photo, and Gallery Item.


{ "components": [ { "role": "gallery", "items": [ { "URL": "bundle://gallery-01.jpg", "caption": "Thanks to the record drought, mountain lions have begun to descend from the peaks, sometimes into urban settings." }, { "URL": "bundle://gallery-02.jpg", "caption": "Coyotes are also seen in cities more often." }, { "URL": "bundle://gallery-03.jpg", "caption": { "text": "<i>Steenbok</i> typically lie low in vegetation cover at the first sign of threat.", "format": "html" } } ] } ]}

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