The strings for defining colors in Apple News Format.


string Color

Possible Values



You can define colors in different ways in Apple News Format.

3-character RGB

Use three characters to define red, green and blue (RGB). For example, a value of #c00 is short for #cc0000 and makes red.

4-character RGBA

Use four characters to define RGB and alpha (opacity). For example, a value of #fc0a is short for #ffcc00aa.

6-character RGB

Use six characters to define two-character values for each of red, green, and blue. For example, a value of #0000ff makes blue.

8-character RGBA

Use eight characters to define RGBA. For example, in a value of #000000aa, the first six characters define RGB, and the last characters define alpha. #00000000 represents black but fully transparent, while #000000ff is fully opaque.

Color Names

Use any of the available color names like red, lightgreen, or rebeccapurple. See Supported Color Names.

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