Properties shared by all the animations.



The type of animation, for example, move_in for a Move-In Animation.


Apply an animation to a component to add movement and interest to your article.

Apple News Format applies a ComponentAnimation just once each time a user views your article. (Compare that with component behaviors whose effects are persistent and happen every time a user sees the component in your article.)

Some animations can be controlled by the user with an optional userControllable property.

This object can be used in Component.

See Also


About Component Animations

Learn how to affect the way in which components come into view.

object AppearAnimation

The animation whereby a component appears on the screen.

object FadeInAnimation

The animation whereby a component fades into view.

object MoveInAnimation

The animation whereby a component moves in from the side of the screen.

object ScaleFadeAnimation

The animation in which a component scales up and fades into view.