A data category by which to sort the table in descending or ascending order.



The identifier property of one of the table’s data descriptors. See DataDescriptor.


The data sorting direction.


In a DataTable object, use the sortBy property to sort data already in a table. You can specify which data is to be sorted and the order (ascending or descending). If this property is not defined, data is displayed in the order it is provided in the RecordStore.

This object can be used in DataTable.


{ "components": [ { "role": "datatable", "showDescriptorLabels": true, "sortBy": [ { "descriptor": "id-name", "direction": "descending" } ], "data": { "descriptors": [ { "identifier": "id-name", "key": "name", "label": { "type": "formatted_text", "text": "Name", "textStyle": { "textColor": "black" } }, "dataType": "string" }, { "identifier": "id-occupation", "key": "occupation", "label": "Occupation", "dataType": "string" } ], "records": [ { "name": "Amelia Earhart", "occupation": "Pilot" }, { "name": "Grace Hopper", "occupation": "Computer Scientist" } ] } } ]}

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