The object for applying text styling when not using HTML or Markdown formatting.



The length (in characters) of the portion of text to which the alternative styling should be applied.


The starting point of the text to which the alternative styling should be applied. Note: the first available character is at 0, not 1.


Either a text style object or the name of a TextStyle object defined in the ArticleDocument.textStyles object.


Use an InlineTextStyle object to apply text stylings (such as color, underline, font size, and font weight) to a specific range of text. The InlineTextStyle object contains either a TextStyle object or a reference to a text style that’s been defined in the in the ArticleDocument.textStyles object. Only properties that have values will override the component text style and defaults.

This object can be used in Text.


{ "components": [ { "role": "pullquote", "text": "The text of the pullquote.", "textStyle": "pullquote-medium", "inlineTextStyles": [ { "rangeStart": 4, "rangeLength": 4, "textStyle": { "textColor": "#FF0000", "backgroundColor": "#000" } } ] } ]}

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