Web Service Endpoint

Read Section Information

Get information about the specified section, including its name, its channel, and whether it’s a default section.


GET https://news-api.apple.com/sections/{sectionId}

Path Parameters


The UUID of the section with information to fetch.

Response Codes


The request was successful.

400 Bad Request
Bad Request
  • MISSING. The section UUID field was not supplied in the request. Key path: sectionid.

  • INVALID_TYPE. The value specified for the section is not of the correct type for that field. Key path: sectionid.

401 Unauthorized

The Authorization header was not supplied. Key path: None.

403 Forbidden

You tried to access a channel your API key does not have permission to access. Key path: None.

404 Not Found
Not Found
  • The endpoint you tried to access does not exist. Key path: None.

  • The section you tried to access does not exist. Key path: sectionId.


A Read Section Information request retrieves information about a single section. A section is a grouping of articles on a particular topic; for example, Sports, Silicon Valley, or Politics.

Every channel has a default section, even if no other sections are defined. See Add and manage sections in News Publisher Help.


GET /sections/4523e2f6-89fb-4842-b9f2-46514f7ebc6b HTTP/1.1Host: news-api.apple.comAccept: application/jsonAuthorization: HHMAC; key="1e3gfc5e-e9f8-4232-a6be-17bf40edad09"; signature="mLtpym3Lgl1300t8cze9wyWOaxkRBKL3j3ztalMjgWs="; date="2015-03-05T02:49:58Z"
HTTP/1.1 200 OKDate: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 02:53:54 GMTContent-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8Transfer-Encoding: chunked{ "data": { "createdAt": "2015-03-05T02:49:58Z", "modifiedAt": "2015-03-05T02:49:58Z", "id": "4523e2f6-89fb-4842-b9f2-46514f7ebc6b", "type": "section", "shareUrl": "https://apple.news/ArRPpLPE9QXu3sehS0rvxvA", "links": { "channel": "https://news-api.apple.com/channels/a5164537-3f2e-3569-8ff4-d5ac865e520e", "self": "https://news-api.apple.com/sections/4523e2f6-89fb-4842-b9f2-46514f7ebc6b" }, "name": "Business", "isDefault": false }}

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