Links that go to Apple News and other Apple apps.


string SupportedInternalURLs


You can define the following Apple domain links for the URL property in Aside, Chapter, Container, Logo, Image, and Section objects:

  • A link to an Apple News article. A valid link should begin with https://apple.news/. To link within the document, use an anchor link starting with #, followed by the component identifier to which you want to link. To link to a component in another article, you must include an Apple News URL with the # and component identifier after it; for example, https://apple.news/A5vHgPPmQSvuIxPjeXLTdGQ#TextComponent-1.

  • A canonical link element that is associated with an Apple News article by its canonicalURL in Metadata.

  • A link to the iTunes Store, the App Store, Apple Books, Apple Music, or Apple Podcasts created using Link Maker.

  • A link to a ticker symbol in the Stocks app, using the URL format stocks://?symbol=ticker symbol; for example, stocks://?symbol=AAPL.

  • A link to a hosted calendar, using webcal://</value>.

See Also


object LinkAddition

The addition object for defining links in text components that don’t use HTML or Markdown formatting.

object ComponentLink

The component addition object for making a component interactive and opening a link to another location in News.

object Addition

Properties shared by all addition types.

object ComponentAddition

Properties shared by all types of component additions.

type SupportedURLs

Links that go to Apple News, other Apple apps, and external sites.