What’s New in Apple News Format

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These features are newly added for the latest Apple News Format release:

Features Supported in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15

These features were added in previous releases:

  • The behavior of the ignoreDocumentMargin property of the ComponentLayout object has changed. In previous releases, this property made your content span the full width of a device screen. Starting with the current release, ignoreDocumentMargin allows a component to span the entire screen until the screen becomes wider than the document margin and width combined. To make the content span the full width of the device, you now use the new ignoreViewportPadding property of the ComponentLayout object. See Align and Position Content and What Changed in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15.

Deprecated Objects and Properties

These objects are no longer supported:

  • The AdvertisingLayout object is deprecated in favor of AutoPlacementLayout.

  • The AdvertisingSettings object is deprecated in favor of AdvertisementAutoPlacement.

  • The ContentInset object is deprecated in favor of the padding property of ComponentLayout.

  • The CoverArt object is deprecated because Featured Stories in Apple News is no longer supported.

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