Apple Pay JS API

Apple's JavaScript API for implementing Apple Pay on the web.


Apple Pay Availability

Checking for Apple Pay Availability

Detect if the Apple Pay JS API is available and if payments are possible.


Indicates whether the device supports Apple Pay.


Indicates whether the device supports Apple Pay and whether the user has an active card in Wallet.

Apple Pay Payment Request


A request for payment, which includes information about payment processing capabilities, the payment amount, and shipping information.

Apple Pay Session

Creating an Apple Pay Session

Provide a payment request and create the session.

Providing Merchant Validation

Validate your merchant identity and receive a session object for each payment request.

Requesting an Apple Pay Payment Session

Request a valid session from the Apple Pay server.


A session object for managing the payment process on the web.

Status and Errors


A customizable error type that you create to indicate problems with the address or contact information on an Apple Pay sheet.


The error code that indicates whether an error on the payment sheet is for shipping or billing information, or for another kind of error.


Names of the fields in the shipping or billing contact information, used to locate errors in the payment sheet.

Apple Pay Status Codes

Codes used to report the status of an Apple Pay session after a callback.

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