Instance Property


A set of line items that explain recurring payments and additional charges and discounts.


sequence < ApplePayLineItem > lineItems;


See ApplePayLineItem .

Use lineItems to explain additional charges, discounts, and pending costs. Provide the total separately, in the total property. Line items are not required in a ApplePayPaymentRequest, but cannot be empty if they are present.

The example in Listing 1 shows line items that include a subtotal, free shipping, and estimated tax.

Listing 1

Example of Line Items

"lineItems": [
        "label": "Bag Subtotal",
        "type": "final",
        "amount": "35.00"
        "label": "Free Shipping",
        "amount": "0.00",
        "type": "final"
        "label": "Estimated Tax",
        "amount": "3.06",
        "type": "final"

The resulting payment sheet looks like:

See Also

Total and Line Items


A line item representing the total for the payment.


A line item in a payment request—for example, total, tax, discount, or grand total.