Instance Method


Completes the selection of a payment method with an update.


void completePaymentMethodSelection(ApplePayPaymentMethodUpdate update);


This method must be called by onpaymentmethodselected .

The parameter for the Apple Pay JS API version 3 is an ApplePayPaymentMethodUpdate instance. Use the newLineItems only if you have new or updated costs or discounts, otherwise pass an empty array or null. Set the newTotal argument with the total cost of all the purchased items.

completePaymentMethodSelection in Apple Pay JS API versions 1 and 2

The parameters for completePaymentMethodSelection in API versions 1 and 2 are:


An ApplePayLineItem dictionary representing the total price for the purchase. Set the label to the merchant’s name, and the amount to the total price. The amount must be greater than zero.


A sequence of ApplePayLineItem dictionaries. Use these line items to represent all other costs or discounts.

Do not use line items to represent the individual items purchased by the user. Instead, combine all the purchases into a single subtotal item. Use additional line items to represent other costs or discounts (tax, shipping, coupons, and so forth.).

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Updated transaction details resulting from a change in payment method.


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