Apple Pay on the Web

Support Apple Pay on your website with JavaScript-based APIs.


Safari supports two JavaScript APIs that let you accept Apple Pay payments from customers on your website: Apple Pay JS, and the W3C Payment Request API. The Apple Pay JS API is analogous to the PassKit (Apple Pay and Wallet) framework, used for Apple Pay in apps. The Payment Request API is a W3C candidate API.

Apple Pay is available on all iOS devices with a Secure Element—an industry-standard, certified chip designed to store payment information safely. On macOS, users must have an Apple Pay-capable iPhone or Apple Watch to authorize the payment, or a MacBook Pro with Touch ID.

Apple Pay Availability by Region and Platform

Apple Pay is available in supported regions.

The Apple Pay APIs are available in Safari on the following platforms:

Worldwide (except China)


Apple Pay JS

iOS 10 and later

macOS 10.12 and later

iOS 11.2 and later

(Not available in macOS)

Payment Request API

iOS 11.3 and later

macOS 10.12.6 and later, in Safari 11.1 and later

iOS 11.3 and later

(Not available in macOS)

In iOS, Apple Pay is supported in Safari and in SFSafariViewController objects.

See Checking for Apple Pay Availability to ensure your implementation only displays the Apple Pay button on supported devices.

Apple Pay Requirements

The requirements for using Apple Pay on your website are:


Apple Pay Setup

Setting Up Your Server

Set up your server for secure communications with Apple Pay.

Configuring Your Environment

Create your Apple Pay merchant ID and certificates, and verify your domain.

Maintaining Your Environment

Prevent interruptions in your Apple Pay service by keeping certificates and domain verification current.

Apple Pay Buttons

Displaying Apple Pay Buttons

Use CSS templates to display Apple Pay buttons in Safari.

Choosing Button Appearance

Choose a button color and size to suit your webpage.

Localizing Apple Pay Buttons

Set the language of an Apple Pay button.

Apple Pay JavaScript APIs

Choosing an API for Implementing Apple Pay on Your Website

Compare Apple Pay JS and Payment Request API to choose the right implementation for your website.

Apple Pay on the Web Version History

Learn about features in each Apple Pay version.

Apple Pay JS API

Apple's JavaScript API for implementing Apple Pay on the web.

Payment Request API

A cross-browser API, under development by the W3C, for implementing Apple Pay on the web.