Common Objects

Understand the base types used to construct the JSON data you receive.


Getting Shared Response Attributes

object ResponseRoot

The JSON root object contained in every response.

Getting Resource and Relationship Information

object Resource

A resource—such as an album, song, or playlist—in the Apple Music catalog or iCloud Music Library.

object Relationship

A to-one or to-many relationship from one resource object to others.

Getting Common Type Information

object Artwork

An object that represents artwork.

object EditorialNotes

An object that represents notes.

object PlayParameters

An object that represents play parameters for resources.

object Preview

An object that represents a preview for resources.

Handling Errors

object Error

Information about an error that occurred while processing a request.

HTTP Status Codes

Reference error codes returned by the Apple Music API.

See Also


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Handling Requests and Responses

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Handling Relationships and Pagination

Fetch related objects as part of your original request and paginate the results from the Apple Music API.

Storefronts and Localization

Pick a country-specific geographic region from which to retrieve catalog information, or retrieve information from the user's personal library.