Web Service Endpoint

Create a New Library Playlist

Create a new playlist in a user’s library.


POST https://api.music.apple.com/v1/me/library/playlists

Query Parameters


Additional relationships to include in the fetch.


The localization to use, specified by a language tag. The possible values are in the supportedLanguageTags array belonging to the Storefront object specified by storefront. Otherwise, the storefront’s defaultLanguageTag is used.


Response Codes



If successful, the HTTP status code is 201 (Created) and the data array in the ResponseRoot object contains the new library identifier for the resource and associated resource information. If unsuccessful, the HTTP status code indicates the error and the details are in the errors array. See Handle a Response.

This endpoint requires a music user token. See Getting Keys and Creating Tokens.

You can include an optional tracks relationship in this request.


https://api.music.apple.com/v1/me/library/playlists{ "attributes":{ "name":"Some Playlist", "description":"My description" }, "relationships":{ "tracks":{ "data":[ { "id":"900032829", "type":"songs" } ] } }}
{ "data":[ { "id":"p.zp6KqKxsoQWAGN", "type":"library-playlists", "href":"/v1/me/library/playlists/p.zp6KqKxsoQWAGN", "attributes":{ "name":"Some Playlist", "description":{ "standard":"My description" }, "playParams":{ "id":"p.zp6KqKxsoQWAGN", "kind":"playlist", "isLibrary":true }, "canEdit":true } } ]}

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