Web Service Endpoint

Get a User's Storefront

Fetch a user’s storefront.


GET https://api.music.apple.com/v1/me/storefront

Query Parameters


The localization to use, specified by a language tag. Any supported language tag may be used here. If none is specified, en-US is used.

Response Codes


The request was successful.


This endpoint requires a music user token. See Getting Keys and Creating Tokens.

If successful, the HTTP status code is 200 (OK) and the data array in the ResponseRoot object contains a single Storefront object. If unsuccessful, the HTTP status code indicates the error and the details are in the errors array. See Handle a Response.


{ "data": [ { "attributes": { "defaultLanguageTag": "en-US", "name": "United States", "supportedLanguageTags": [ "en-US", "es-MX" ] }, "href": "/v1/storefronts/us", "id": "us", "type": "storefronts" } ]}

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