A request to create a new playlist in a user's library.



A dictionary that includes strings for the name and description of the new playlist.

An optional key including tracks for the new playlist.


Related Objects

object LibraryPlaylistCreationRequest.Attributes

The attributes for a library playlist creation request object.

object LibraryPlaylistCreationRequest.Relationships

The relationships for a library playlist creation request object.

See Also

Creating and Modifying User Playlists

Create a New Library Playlist

Create a new playlist in a user’s library.

Add Tracks to a Library Playlist

Add new tracks to the end of a library playlist.

Add a Resource to a Library

Add a catalog resource to a user’s iCloud Music Library.

object LibraryPlaylistTracksRequest

A request to add tracks to a library playlist.

object LibraryPlaylistRequestTrack

An object that represents a single track when added to a library playlist in a request.