Gets the value associated with the specified property of a speech channel.


func CopySpeechProperty(_ chan: SpeechChannel, _ property: CFString, _ object: UnsafeMutablePointer<CFTypeRef?>) -> OSErr



The speech channel with which the specified property is associated.


A speech-channel property about which information is being requested. See Speech-Channel Properties for information on the properties you can specify.


On return, a pointer to a Core Foundation object that holds the value of the specified property. The type of the object depends on the specific property passed in. For some properties, the value of object can be NULL. When the returned object is a CFDictionary object, you can use CFDictionary functions, such as CFDictionaryGetValue(_:_:), to retrieve the values associated with the keys that are associated with the specified property.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


The CopySpeechProperty function is the Core Foundation-based equivalent of the GetSpeechInfo function.

See Also

Obtaining Information About Speech and Speech Channels

func SpeechBusy() -> Int16

Determines whether any channels of speech are currently synthesizing speech.

func SpeechBusySystemWide() -> Int16

Determines if any speech is currently being synthesized in your application or elsewhere on the computer.

func SpeechManagerVersion() -> NumVersion

Determines the current version of the Speech Synthesis Manager installed in the system.