Registers and makes available a speech synthesizer or voice.


OSErr SpeechSynthesisRegisterModuleURL(CFURLRef url);



The file URL of the synthesizer plug-in or voice to register (note that the synthesizer plug-in or voice must be on a mounted volume to be available for registration).

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


The SpeechSynthesisRegisterModuleURL function registers the speech synthesizer or voice specified by url and makes it available to the calling process. Before a synthesizer’s voices can be registered, the synthesizer must be registered (or loaded automatically by the Speech Synthesis Manager). If you call SpeechSynthesisRegisterModuleURL to register a voice and you receive the incompatibleVoice result code, it’s likely that the synthesizer associated with the voice needs to be registered. If you call this function to register a synthesizer or voice that has already been registered, SpeechSynthesisRegisterModuleURL does nothing and returns an error.

A registered synthesizer or voice is known only to the application that registered it. For this reason, each application must call SpeechSynthesisRegisterModuleURL to register the synthesizer or voice it uses, even if a suite of applications work together and use the same synthesizer and voice.

An application that called SpeechSynthesisRegisterModuleURL to register a synthesizer or voice should do the following if the volume containing the synthesizer or voice is about to be unmounted:

See Also

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