Determines if any speech is currently being synthesized in your application or elsewhere on the computer.


SInt16 SpeechBusySystemWide(void);

Return Value

The total number of speech channels currently synthesizing speech on the computer, whether they were initiated by your application or process’s code or by some other process executing concurrently. Paused speech channels are counted among those channels that are synthesizing speech.


This function is useful when you want to ensure that no speech is currently being produced anywhere on the Macintosh computer before initiating speech. Although the Speech Synthesis Manager allows different applications to produce speech simultaneously, this can be confusing to the user. As a result, it is often a good idea for your application to check that no other process is producing speech before producing speech itself. If the difference between the values returned by SpeechBusySystemWide and the SpeechBusy function is 0, no other process is producing speech.

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