Gets a speech channel’s current speech rate.


func GetSpeechRate(_ chan: SpeechChannel, _ rate: UnsafeMutablePointer<Fixed>) -> OSErr



The speech channel whose rate you wish to determine.


On return, a pointer to the speech channel’s speech rate in words per minute, expressed as an integer value.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.

See Also

Obtaining Information About Speech and Speech Channels

func CopySpeechProperty(SpeechChannel, CFString, UnsafeMutablePointer<CFTypeRef?>) -> OSErr

Gets the value associated with the specified property of a speech channel.

func SpeechBusy() -> Int16

Determines whether any channels of speech are currently synthesizing speech.

func SpeechBusySystemWide() -> Int16

Determines if any speech is currently being synthesized in your application or elsewhere on the computer.

func SpeechManagerVersion() -> NumVersion

Determines the current version of the Speech Synthesis Manager installed in the system.