Disposes of an existing speech channel.


func DisposeSpeechChannel(_ chan: SpeechChannel) -> OSErr



The speech channel to dispose of.

Return Value

A result code. See Result Codes.


The DisposeSpeechChannel function disposes of the speech channel specified in the chan parameter and releases all memory the channel occupies. If the speech channel specified is producing speech, then the DisposeSpeechChannel function immediately stops speech before disposing of the channel. If you have defined a text-done callback function or a speech-done callback function, the function will not be called before the channel is disposed of.

The Speech Synthesis Manager releases any speech channels that have not been explicitly disposed of by an application when the application quits. In general, however, your application should dispose of any speech channels it has created whenever it receives a suspend event. This ensures that other applications can take full advantage of Speech Synthesis Manager and Sound Manager capabilities.